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Low impact. High performance.

• Low-No impact workout easiest on body and joints

• Available in upright and recumbent, for virtually every performance level

• Most economically priced piece of equipment

• Lowest calorie burn / hour compared with a treadmill and elliptical


The benefits of weight-bearing exercise without the impact.

• Low impact workout that's easy on body and joints

• Arm handles allow for a full body workout

• Lower perceived rate of exertion

• Burn less calories per hour than a treadmill


Maximum opportunity to increase cardiovascular, weight loss and bone density.

• Burn more calories than bike or elliptical

• Build maximum lower extremity bone density

• Customize workout with Decline / Incline features

• Minimal impact with SOFT deck technology


Great fitness equipment is only possible with thoughtful, thorough design.This is a priority at True Fitness.


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